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Talk of the town.... 

     The bar hopping lifestyle isn't really for me, anymore.  I used to go to this one bar, in LA, when I lived there, because it was owned by a former Marine, and a lot of people I knew, went there. I went out to night clubs in different cities, a few years back. Now that I'm married, I wouldn't even think of walking into one now by myself. However, I do meet friends in the city at a tavern, or a restaurant that serves alcohol. Only I usually drink Coca-Cola or iced tea. I just don't care to drink, because the thought of a DUI scares me. When I'm in PA, visiting family, my sister and I go to karaoke with friends, just for a good laugh. It annoys me though, because men always think that women only go to those places with the intentions of picking them up. 
     When I go out with friends, here in WA, I sit at the bar, with my friend, Nuria and observe the conversations going on, between the men. Then I say to her, "What is it about men and bars?" "Everytime, they go into a bar, their pervert light turns on, and they always talk about women and sex!"  Of course, Nuria agrees, and says, I know....what is it with these men?" The men overhear us and get defensive.  One yells out, "Oh no, the male bashing has commenced!!!"
     Conversations in bars make me laugh, though.  Men always talk about women and vice-versa. If I sit and catch a conversation, sometimes certain men talk about women as if they're all brainless and easy, you know the big "macho" front some men portray around their buds. 
     It's not an uncommon thing being back home, visiting the family, and hearing my brother or my nephews, bringing up town gossip. Wayne and I just crack up laughing at some of the stuff we hear. And my husband thought that Ipswich, Queensland was bad....sheesh!!!
     One time, somebody had once brought up a girl's name and then it was stated that she had been with "every guy in town".  Now this is a comment that has been said more than once, on the "Jerry Springer Show", I'm sure. Please don't say anything like that around me, because I'll sit there with a dumb, puzzled look on my face, trying to do the math in my head, figuring out how this is so. I mean, having every guy in town is almost an impossible task to do!!  
     I take in consideration that there are about half a million more women in the state of PA than men, according to the last census. It is a known fact that the Philadelphia-Baltimore area has the most single women available in the United States. My original hometown is right in the middle of Philly and Baltimore. There are close to 4000 people there.
     Even if you take that number and divide it in two, you would have to take away about 300 more, because of the male/female ratio, (yes, there are a lot of single mothers, but there are still a good number of men there, due to agriculture), plus, subtract the number of boys under the age of eighteen, lets say about hmmmmmm, 900, your number would be 800 available and or unavailable men, ages eighteen and older..(not a real number of course, but a half-assed guess).
     So, this poor girl with the reputation of sleeping with every guy in town has slept with about 800 different men?  You mean that every man, young or old, rich or poor, single or married, has had a crack at this bird? I know it's just a saying, but I mean, wow!  Talk about defamation of character!
     That would be like me saying that the local man, who likes younger women, is the town pedophile. I can exaggerate too!Even though that may not be so, it's a damaging accusation, and if I said it, that man would be coming out of the woodwork real quick, defending his character, not to mention, wanting to take me to court, and suing me for slander. That is, after he told his family and friends I had every guy in town:).
     Women are just as bad when it comes to gossiping as men are, if not worse. I guess they feel if they talk bad about other women, it makes themselves look better to their female friends and more desirable to other men. No, it doesn't, because people talk about them too. Who do these women think they're trying to fool? 
     Here's some food for thought.  When I was a teenager, I hung around a group of friends. I ended up going with (going steady)  this one boy. His mother was such a blabbermouth. She would talk about everybody and accused every female in town of being promiscuous, to make herself look better, because she could not live with the fact that she, herself, got pregnant as a teenager.  Yes, this woman talked about my friends, and especially me. Since AIDS was the big scare in the mid 1980's, she was convinced that everybody in town had it. Well, this woman ended up dying at a young age, in the early 1990's, due to cancer. I think she was in her mid to late forties when she died. My point is, is if she had worried more about herself at the time, than the diseases us so-called promiscuous girls in town DID NOT HAVE, she would still be alive today, because they would have found that cancer, years ago and would have treated it. Call me cold hearted, but I have no room in my life for
ignorant people like that, dead or alive.
     I may seem to be somewhat bitter. It shows, unfortunately.
As for dissing my original hometown, I have every right to. Some people in my hometown seem to be sexist, but worse, double standard.  If a woman reaches the age of twenty-five, with no man in her life, whether it be a boyfriend or husband, or has a baby; her sexual preference is questioned, yet, a grown man can still live at home with his parents well after the age of thirty, and that's fine. Nobody says anything. Not only is that unfair, but it's asinine! I would not want to live like that constantly or would I expect another female to live, under those barbaric, hostile conditions.
     But these were the rules I had to live by, being there.  It wasn't an easy life, I tell ya!  It was bad enough, just living in a state where people have to pay extremely high taxes and the Amish don't have to. Nothing against the Amish of course, but it would make me want to lie about my faith, so I wouldn't get taxed to death. Besides that, and the other flaws of the place, there's always hope, for it's a big world out there and there are better places to live.   
* BTW, for those of you who want to know which area has the most single, available men, it's San Jose, California.

"If men really did rule the world, there would no such thing as age of legal consent." - Tina Nichols 2001