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White Water Rafting Trip 2003
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White Water Rafting Trip 2003
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And what exactly is a "class five"?



     On Sunday, May 18th, I went to the Skycomish River, near Index, Washington. My friend Jeffrey, and I met with our other friends, Jeff, Dan, Nuria, John, Jennifer and Mike.  Jeff took his teenage daughter, Kaitlyn too.  We all met at the starting point and had a cookout lunch. 
     This was my second rafting trip. Last year, I went to central Washington State for a camping/white water rafting trip.  That was my first experience with white water rafting. That course, from what I was told, was not as rough as this one. The weather was warmer on the trip last year too.
     Jeff, Kaitlyn, and Dan went on a separate raft than the rest of us. Jeffrey, John, Nuria, Jennifer, Michael and I all boarded a raft.  After the introduction and safety course, we headed out.  The temperature was 55-60 F.  And the water had to be a lot colder.  It seemed so anyway.
     I didn't think I was that scared, but the pictures seem to say otherwise...:)







     At the halfway point, we stopped at the big rock, where people could climb and jump in the water if they wanted to.  Since I was slipping and sliding all over the place, just walking on the wet rocks, I decided that I was too clumsy to even try to climb the big rock.  Others were jumping and diving into the water.  Nuria, and I just sat back and watched everyone.
     Later, I moved up to the front of the raft and was drenched everytime we hit the rapids.  It was a blast!! It was getting colder outside. By the time we got back to the finishing point, it was going on 5:00 in the evening.  I made it again, without falling out of the raft, but once I tried to climb out of the raft, I twisted my foot and fell.  I was not hurt.:) We all had a great time!!