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Every hour here is happy hour!!  But you have to BYO!! 

Welcome To My Website!!!

On an honest note, I really don't drink, but I enjoy having as much fun as the next person.  I'm 35, married, unavailable and not looking.  I welcome friends to my site and hope to meet new friends along the way.

As you can see, my website design looks like a 1980's boutique nightmare. It just adds to my girlish charm and sense of humor. Even though this website is not strictly for adults, 18 and older, I must warn you there is some sarcasm here, as well as the language being somewhat of a PG-13 rating. Also, if you do not have a good sense of humor or you do not have the capability to take things with a grain of salt, I strongly suggest you...


Otherwise, enjoy the website!!

Paint and Brush

Thanks for visiting!!  Come back again soon!!