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Aussie/American slang dictionary and word definer  


000- "Triple O"; In the US, we dial 911, for medical emergencies.  In Oz, it's 000. (I learned that one the hard way.)


A- misc/phrase: as in the big A; In Australian slang, to give someone the big A is to dismiss that someone out of hand.

A bit more choke and you would have started.- misc/phrase: This is a statement that is said sarcastically to somebody who had just broken wind in public, rather loudly.

a few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock- misc/phrase: Someone who is mentally "not quite all there upstairs", also a sandwich shy of a picnic, bats in the belfry, a screw loose, lights are on but nobody is home,.....etc.

abattoir- noun: An abattoir is a place where animals are slaughtered and prepared for sale

abso-bloody-lutely- misc/phrase: absolutely and beyond any doubt.

abuse- verb: It means to verbally abuse; only the verbally part is left out.  (When Wayne tells me about somebody being abused, I still ask him if he means verbally or physically.:)) 

Ace!- misc/phrase: Excellent! Very good!

acid- noun: the good word, the truth, the good acid.

ACT- noun: ACT is the abbreviation for Australian Capital Territory.  Canberra is their nation's capital. Like D.C., in the US, it's not considered a state.

Adam's ale- noun: water

Adelaide- noun: Adelaide is the capital and city of southern Australia northwest of Melbourne. It was founded in 1836. Population:1,071,100.

Adrians- noun: means drunk; This comes from tennis player's name, Adrian Quist. Quist rhymes with pissed, hence drunk.

ads- noun: commercials; advertisements

aerial ping pong- noun: Australian Rules Football, description usually used derogatorily by Rugby Fans.

after dark- noun: rhyming slang for shark

agro- adjective: (also aggro), the state of being angry and aggressive over a situation. Also the name of a well known puppet on a children's program.

air hostess- noun: It's the same meaning as the US, "stewardess", which is really no longer used. It's a female airline employee who is employed to look after passengers during flights. Now politically incorrect, the term "flight attendant" is used for both Male and Female employees. Other less flattering terms used are "aerial waitress" and "lifejacket demonstrator"

airy fairy- noun: vague

Akubra- noun: Akubra is the proprietary name for an Australian wide brimmed felt hat.

Al Capone- noun: rhyming slang for telephone;

Alice, the- noun: Alice Springs, a town in the Northern Territory of Australia.

alligator pear- noun: avocado, so named for the alligator like skin of the fruit.

amber fluid- noun: beer

anchors- noun: brakes of a vehicle, reins of a horse, or even one's own feet. Always used in the process of using the anchors to slow or stop down.

ankle biter- noun: small child, also called a rug rat

ANZAC biscuit- noun: type of cookie; An ANZAC biscuit a national biscuit of Australia, purportedly invented on the war fields of the First World War. The recipe can vary but the essential ingredients are rolled oats and golden syrup. (see biscuit)

ANZAC Day- noun: ANZAC day in Australia, is April 25th. It's the anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli in 1915. It's the national day of remembrance for Australian Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, killed in wars overseas. Recently members of "Enemy Armed Forces" also march with Australians in celebrations across the country and is seen as a measure of reconciliation. 

Apple Eater- noun: resident of Tasmania; also "Apple Islander".

Apple Isle- noun: Tasmania, an island state of Australia, so called for the huge apple industry on the island.

apples and pears- noun: It's rhyming slang for stairs. To shoot down the apples and pears is to go down the stairs. Sometimes shortened to just apples.

argy bargy- noun: argument, also adjectivally as argumentative

aristotle/aris- noun: a bottle

Armistice Day- noun: Armistice Day is the anniversary of 11 November 1918 when the Armistice to end World War I was signed at 11 AM. Formerly known as Remembrance Day.

arse- noun: butt; bum; freckle

arse-up- adjective: headfirst; upside down

arvo- noun: afternoon (shortened)

as cross as a frog in a sock- misc/phrase:  sounding angry

Ashes, the- noun: The name for the trophy in an ongoing series of Cricket Tests between Australia and England. The story goes that Australia won the first test and England burned the stumps in shame. The ashes were placed in a small urn which is now the trophy.

Aussie- noun: an if you didn't already know:).

Aussie salute- misc/phrase: brushing away flies with the hand

Australia- noun: A nation occupying the whole of the Australian continent, Aboriginal tribes are thought to have migrated from southeastern Asia 20,000 years ago. It's the world's smallest continent, southeast of Asia between the Pacific and Indian oceans. Australia is a commonwealth comprising the continent of Australia, the island state of Tasmania, two external territories, and several dependencies. The first British settlement, a penal colony at Fort Jackson (now part of Sydney), was established in 1788. The present-day states grew as separate colonies; six of them formed a federation in 1901. In 1911 Northern Territory joined the commonwealth and the Capital Territory, site of Canberra, was created. Canberra is the capital and Sydney is the largest city. (Population=18,322,231) It's about 3/4 the size of the continental United States.

Australia Day- noun: A day that has been celebrated ever since 1788.  It's a united Australian national day, celebrated on January 26th when formal possession was taken of the colony of New South Wales.

Australian Rules Football- noun:  The game of Australian Rules Football is high scoring compared to other team sports. The ball is moved around the ground by methods of kicking or punching, and with no offside rule the game is played at a fast pace. A goal is worth six points and a behind is worth one point. Australian Rules Football has been around for over a century and is regarded as one of the most popular sports in Australia. 

avago- verb: to attempt to do something; to "have a go"

Avagoodweegend!- misc/phrase: Have a good weekend!

avos- noun: avocados



B & S- noun: Bachelors' and Spinsters' Ball - A very enjoyable party that is usually held in rural areas.

baccy- noun: tobacco

back blocks- noun: Originally remote settlements away from the main cities, it is now used to denote the outer suburbs or cheaper blocks of land beyond the city.

back o' beyond- noun: Somewhere out there in the Outback in a remote and fairly deserted place. (see) back of Bourke and beyond the black stump.

back of Bourke- noun: A very long way away, specifically inland and away from civilization. Bourke is an inland town in New South Wales, NE of Sydney, (not to be confused with Bourke Street in Melbourne, Victoria) and I would assume that Bourke is the last of any type of civilization and in the back of Bourke means nothing but desert.

bail (somebody) up - phrasal verb: to corner somebody physically

banana bender- noun: A resident of Queensland, perhaps a little derogatory. (Wayne is a fair dinkum banana bender.)

barbie- noun: barbecue

barney- noun: an argument or fight

barrack- verb: To cheer for your team or player in sport, or to take sides in an argument.

bastard- noun: A term of endearment, "mates" say to one another as in a greeting, like, "Bruce, you old bastard, how's it goin', mate?" It can also be used as an insult that people may say to each other while fighting.  It can be used either way. And of course, it also means an illegitimate child born without a father, but since being born out of wedlock and or being born without a father is rather common anymore, it's overlooked, and that meaning is practically obsolete.  

bathers- noun: A swimming costume, but only in Victoria and South Australia. Also see togs.

battler- noun: A hard worker and persistent trier who is struggling financially. (Which basically describes a lot of married Sergeants in the Marine Corps.)

beano- noun: No I'm not talking the bottle of pills that I would like to put in my husband's Christmas stocking:)....; this means a festivity, and or a celebration.

beaut-  adjective: great; good

beautiful- adjective:  Even though beautiful means the same thing in Oz as it does in the US, it also means delicious, as in: "Too bad you can't try these, cause these prawns are bloody beautiful!"

bee's knees- adjective: the absolute best, perfect, the greatest

beg yours- misc/phrase: I beg your pardon.

bewdy!- misc/phrase/exclamation: beauty!; see also 'ripper"

beyond the black stump- misc/phrase: A long way away, in the middle of nowhere.

big-note oneself- misc/phrase: brag, boast

bikey- noun/adjective: Slang term, either describing a man who rides a motorcycle, or a man who belongs to a motorcycle club.

bill- noun: The check recieved at the end of a meal.

billabong- noun:  A waterhole, formed when a "U" shaped bend in a river is cut of and separates from the rest of the river. A billabong can sometimes remain after the river itself dries up.

billy- noun:  A tin used for boiling water over a campfire, usually for a cup of tea. Originally made from an empty jam tin with a loop of wire for a handle and used by swagmen during the depression years. Also called a "billy can".

billy tea- noun: Billy tea is tea brewed over an open fire in a billly can. Billy Tea usually has a Gum Leaf thrown in for flavor (Gum leaves are rich in Eucalyptus Oil).

billylid- noun:- a child. Rhyming slang from "Billy Can Lid" for Kid, another term for a child.

bingle- noun: a car accident

bird- noun: a female, sheila, usually an attractive young woman

Biscuit/bickie/bikkie- noun: In America, a biscuit is a scone with no sugar. In South Africa, England, and Australia, its a cookie. It's otherwise known as bickie for short.

big bickies- adj/noun: a lot of money.

bit o' all right- misc/phrase: Bit o' understatement here, matey. The phrase actually means something or someone which, or who, is more than all right: lovely, eliciting admiration, beautiful even.

bite ya bum- misc/phrase: exclamation, be quiet/shut your mouth.

bities- noun: biting insects

bitzer- noun: mongrel/mutt dog (bits of this and bits of that)

bizo/bizzo- noun: business "Mind your own bizo!"

Black and Gold- noun: A generic no-frills type of brand name for food and or other products in Australia. Some consumers complain that Black and Gold products are imported from other countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, instead of being Australia made. There was a rumor stating that the Australian food industry was suffering at one time, because people were only buying the cheaper, imported products. Personally, I thought, Black and Gold brand coffee sucked and their laundry detergent was no good, either. Quality is what counts.

bloke- noun: man; male

bloody- adjective:- the universal intensifying adjective. Perhaps from an old Irish catholic swear word, a corruption of  "By our Lady".

Bloody oath!- exclamation/misc/phrase: that's certainly true, fair dinkum, strewth 

blowie- noun: A blowfly, (large and very noisy fly).

blowy- adjective: windy

bludger- noun: Freeloader, on the dole and expects handouts and other freebies from everybody. A sponge or a leech are other choice words.

blue- noun/verb: a fight/to fight

Bluey- noun: Nickname for a redhead. Sounds weird, but that name is used instead of carrot top. Bluey also means, pack, equipment, traffic ticket, heavy wool or felt jacket worn by mining and construction workers, and blue cattle dog (named after its subtle markings) which is an excellent working dog. 

bob's your uncle- misc/phrase: Surprisingly this statement can have one of two diffferent, almost opposite, meanings: in expressing agreement, meaning right you are, or in response to a statement proving nothing as an expression of doubt.

bodgy- adjective: of inferior quality

bog in- verb: To commence eating and attack food with enthusiasm.

Bondi Beach- noun: (Bondi is pronounced Bon-dye) A famous beach located near Sydney in New South Wales. 

Bondi cigar- noun: poo, crap, It's the same thing as a brown-eyed mullet (not the American term for mullet).

bonnet- noun: The hood of a vehicle, where the engine, is usually located. 

bonzer- adjective: great, excellent

bott- verb: to ask to borrow, but mean have; same as cadge; "Could I bott a durrey off ya, mate?"

Boxing Day- noun: Boxing Day is celebrated in Australia, Britain, New Zealand, and Canada, the day after Christmas. The holiday's roots can be traced to Britain, where Boxing Day is also known as St. Stephen's Day. Its origins are found in a long-ago practice of giving cash or durable goods to those of the lower classes. Gifts among equals were exchanged on or before Christmas Day, but beneficences to those less fortunate were bestowed the day after.

boomer- noun: a large male kangaroo

boomerang- noun: A flat, curved, usually wooden missile configured so that when hurled it returns to the thrower. In a book about the languages of New South Wales published in 1790, is found the native term, boomerrit. In 1825, in a passage containing the first recorded instance of the English form boomerang, it is told it's "a short crested weapon which the natives of Port Jackson (now part of Sydney) project with accurate aim into a rotary motion. " In 1827 another commentator said that this term may be retained for want of a more descriptive name."

boot-  noun: Trunk of the vehicle. 

booze bus- noun: A police vehicle used for catching drunk drivers.

boozer- noun: a pub 

bottle-o/bottle shop- noun: liquor shop 

bottler- adjective: something excellent

bottling, his blood's worth- misc/phrase:  He's an excellent, helpful bloke.

bounce- noun: a bully

bouncing beef- noun: kangaroo

box- noun: television, TV, telly

brass- noun: money, cash, currency

brekkie- noun: Short term for breakfast. (Most mornings in Oz, I ate toast with vegemite, or Nutella, sometimes even a jaffle for brekkie.)

brickie- noun: a bricklayer

Brisbane- noun: Brisbane is the capital and largest city of Queensland state. It's located in the southeastern corner of Queensland on the Pacific and the Brisbane River, about 346 km (215 mi) long, near its mouth on Moreton Bay, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. It was settled by British as a penal colony in 1824 and it is the third largest city in Australia. Population: 1,421,600. 

Brisbane Broncos- noun: Australian National Rugby League; football team in Brisbane, not to be confused with the Denver Broncos:)

Brizzie- noun: It's the nickname of Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland.

brown-eyed mullet- noun: A brown sea pickle (poo) that is found in the ocean where you are swimming! Ewwwwww, YUK! (I'm lucky to say, I've never come across one while swimming!) And in the US, a mullet is a very bad, Redneck hairstyle.

brumby- noun: a wild horse

bubble and squeak- noun: This classic dish originally contained beef along with the left over cooked potatoes and cabbage, though today, people don't generally bother with the meat. The name is apparently due to the sounds that are emitted during cooking, the vegetables bubble as they are boiled and then squeak in the frying pan. (Birds Eye has their own frozen version of bubble and squeak, but I was never game enough to try it.)

Buck's night- noun: stag party, bachelor party, male gathering the night before the wedding

Buckley's, Buckley's chance- misc/phrase: no chance; never going to happen;

budgie/budgerigar- noun: A small Australian parakeet, usually light green with black and yellow markings, found in the wild but is bred in many colors.

buggerlugs- noun: An affectionate term used to mildly annoy somebody.

bull bar- noun: A stout bar fixed to the front of a vehicle to protect it against hitting kangaroos.

bum- noun: arse; freckle; butt (rarely used in Australia to describe a tramp; see "derro")

bum bag- noun: fanny pack

Bundy- noun: Short term for Bundaberg, Queensland, and the brand of rum that's made there. Bundaberg brand products are easy to remember, for there is a picture of a big, white polar bear on their logo.

bungarra- noun: a lizard

bunyip- noun: A mythical aboriginal bush spirit animal that lives in swamps and billabongs.

bush- noun: the country; Outback; out in the middle of nowhere; woop woop

bush oyster- noun: nasal mucus 

bush telegraph- noun: the local gossip network.

bush telly- noun: campfire

bushed- adjective: exhausted

bushie, bushy- noun: A country person who resides in the bush

bushranger- noun: An outlaw or highwayman, similar to the outlaws of the American Wild West.

busy as Bourke street in the rush hour- misc/phrase: extremely busy. Bourke St. is a main street in Melbourne and is always busy.

By jingoes!- misc/phrase/exclamation: an exclamation of surprise.

BYO- noun: Bring Your Own (booze to a restaurant, meat to a barbecue, etc.) Also to describe a restaurant with a limited liquor license.



cackleberry- noun: an egg

cactus- adjective: something has had it, doesn't work anymore, or someone in a lot of trouble.

cadge- verb: To impose on another's generosity, also borrow without intent to repay.

cadger- noun: one who cadges; perhaps a bludger

can- noun: jail; prison; also (can) of beer

Canberra- noun: Settled in 1824, it replaced Melbourne as the capital in 1908. Population: 298,200.

candy floss- noun: cotton candy

cane toads- noun: A large poisonous toad, native to Central and South America and widely exported in the 1930s to control sugar cane beetles. They were brought over to Australia many years ago to eliminate the sugar cane beetle, and now they are pests, living all over the country, mostly in Queensland. People from Queensland are also known to be called cane toads, because of the massive cane toad population.

capsicum- noun: green or red pepper

Captain Cook- noun/misc/phrase: rhyming slang for look; (noun) "Let's have a Captain Cook"

car park- noun: parking lot

caravan- noun: trailer; camper-style trailer; So does it mean that Aussies refer to trailer trash as caravan rubbish...???  

carbie- noun: short for carburetor

cark it- verb: to die

Carn!- misc/phrase/interjection: Come on!

carton- noun: a cardboard box of beer; usually 24 tinnies (see) or stubbies (see) or 12 bottles

cellotape- noun:  Australian brand name for a 'scotch tape' like product.

cheeky- adjective: mischievious, onery

cheesed off- adjective: very annoyed

chemist- noun: a pharmacy

cheque- noun: British and Australian spelling for check

chewy- noun: chewing gum

China/China plate- noun: Another word (rhyming slang) for mate.

chinwag- noun: a chat, conversation;

chippie- noun: a carpenter

chips- noun: French fries, called chippies in New South Wales.

choc a block, chockers- adjective: full up with no space left at all.

chockie- noun: chocolate

chook- noun: domestic fowl; chicken; Also, it's a man's nickname; Chook was the womaning husband in the movie: "Muriel's Wedding". 

Chrissie- noun: Short for Christmas.

chuck- verb: throw

chuck a browneye- verbal phrase: similar to US "mooning"

chuck a leftie- verbal phrase: to turn left

chuck a sickie- verbal phrase: To take the day off sick from work when you're perfectly healthy.

chuck a spaz- verbal phrase: get angry demonstratively

chuck a U-ee- verbal phrase:  to make a U-turn

chuck a wobbly- verbal phrase: to have a temper tanrum

chuck up- verbal phrase: to vomit,

chuffed- adjective: well pleased

chunder- verb: to vomit, usually when drunk. Perhaps from 'up and under'.

clacker- noun: anus (from Latin cloaca = sewer). Also the single orifice of montremes (platypus and echidna) used both for reproduction and for the elimination of body wastes.

clapped out- adjective: broken down; will no longer work

clayton's- noun: fake, substitute

click- noun: kilometer - "It's 10 clicks away."

clobber- noun: clothing/also noun: mate (see); friend; rarely used except in the Outback (see)

clod hoppers- noun: your feet

clothespeg- noun: clothespin; (To conserve energy, many Queenslander's I've met, hung their laundry on a line with clothespegs instead of using a dryer. It's the norm there, but seemed so 1970's to me.) 

clucky- adjective: To feel broody or maternal. Clucky, referring to a mother hen. 

cockie- noun: Short term for a type of parrot known as a cockatoo. Also a farmer, or a cockroach.

cockroach- noun: Cockroach does not only mean the filthy, disgusting insect, but it also describes a person from New South Wales, for that state is filled with roaches, just like Queensland is has an enormous amount of cane toads.

coolibah - noun: eucalyptus tree

corn flour- noun: corn starch

codger- noun: An elderly bloke who is a little odd, as in "silly, old codger". I used to refer to the "Bowls Club" (where the elderly bowl lawn balls, for sport), as the "Codger Lodge". 

cods wallop- misc/phrase:  An exclamation showing disbelief in what has just been said, equivelant to "Rubbish!"

Cold Chisel- noun: Famous Australian rock and roll band, formerly known as "Orange", from the early 1970's, then became "Cold Chisel" in 1974. They are also known as just "Chisel" to their fans and have had quite a following. Jimmy Barnes is their lead singer. Their most well known song is "Khe Sanh". Their picture is now on a postage stamp in Oz, as well as other Australian rock and roll bands, AC/DC, Midnight Oil, INXS, and Savage Garden.

coldie- noun: a beer

come a gutser- verb:  make a bad mistake, have an accident

come on the wrong prawn- misc/phrase: to be generally disagreeable

Compo- noun: Short term for Workers' Compensation pay.

conch- noun or adjective (conchy): A conscientious person who would rather work or study than go out and enjoy him/herself.

cook - noun: one's wife; not a very polite term

cordless kettle- noun: A cordless kettle is a kitchen appliance that is an electrical stand with a detachable kettle for brewing water for tea and instant coffee. No kitchen in Oz is complete, unless you have a cordless kettle.  They sell them here in the US too, but they are more common in Oz, because I didn't know anyone who had their own percolator.  

corker- noun/adjective: Something that is striking or astonishing, or something very good of its kind.

Corroboree- noun: an aboriginal dance festival

cotton buds- noun: Q-tips; cotton swabs

counter lunch- noun: pub lunch

crack a fat-  verbal phrase: It's not a very polite expression that means a bloke is getting sexually aroused.

crack the shits- misc/phrase: angry; pissed off; (see, "get the shits")

Crikey!- misc/phrase: Gosh! Wow!

crisps- noun: potato chips

crook- noun: sick, ill, not feeling well

crow eater- noun: a person from South Australia

cunning as a dunny rat- misc/phrase: very cunning

cuppa- noun: cup of tea; cup of Milo; cup of coffee

cut lunch- noun: sandwiches



Dad 'n Dave- misc/phrase: to have a shave (rhyming slang for a shave)

dag- noun: bits of manure that stick to the long wool around a sheep's bottom forming small dangling balls. Also a term for a funny person, nerd, goof, loser. In this respect it can have either an endearing or disparaging meaning, although is usually used for a likable fellow.

daks- noun: trousers (from tradename)

damper- noun: a yeast less bread cooked either in the hot coals or in a dutch oven over a camp fire.

darl- noun: term of endearment; contraction of "Darling"

Darwin- noun: The capital and city of northern Australia on Port Darwin, an inlet of the Timor Sea. It was founded as Palmerston in 1869 and renamed Darwin in 1911. Population: 65,200.

Darwin stubbie- noun: In Darwin this is a 1.25 litre bottle of beer. In the rest of the country a stubbie is a 375 ml bottle of beer, quite a difference. Legend has it that in Darwin a long road journey is not measured in time or distance but in stubbies, i.e. the number of stubbies drunk en-route.

date- noun: arse, sphinter, freckle "Get up off your big, fat date!"


Dazza- noun: Nickname for the man's name, Darren.


dazzler- noun: something that is excellent


deadset- adjective: absolute; certain; without doubt

decko- noun: a look or glance.

deener, deenah- noun: an old term for a shilling, 1 12th of a pound, today worth 10 cents.

derro- noun: short for derelict US= "bum"

Desert Rat- noun: An Australia Army member who served in the North African campaign of World War Two, 1939-1945.

didjeridoo, didgeridoo- noun:  An Australian Aboriginal musical instrument made from a hollow log. It is used in religious ceremonies, and thus has great spiritual significance. Traditionally a man (never a woman) would walk in the bush asking for the spirits to point out "the tree" to use. The hollow log or limb is then treated with hot coals to clean out the hollow, and decorated with appropriate designs.

digger- noun: A soldier from the Australia Army who served in Turkey during the First World War. So named for their tenacity in "digging in", both literally and emotionally, Australian Diggers are well respected, particularly on ANZAC day.

dill- noun: an idiot

dilly bag- noun: An aboriginal term for a small carry bag that has crept into general Australia language.

dingo- noun: The Australian wild dog, that howls but does not bark. Brought to Australia thousands of year ago by the Aborigines, the scientific name is "canis lupus familiaris". It can also be used to describe an ugly woman.

dingo's breakfast- misc/phrase: a yawn, a leak, and a good look round (i.e. no breakfast)

dinkum-adjective: Originally it was an Aborgine word that meant genuine; true (see also 'fair dinkum')

dinky di- adjective: the genuine article or the real thing, especially if the object is from Australia.

dirty-adjective: angry; upset (see also "snakey")

dob in- verb: to tell/to snitch (an authority) on someone; (`dobber')

docket-  noun: a bill; receipt


doco- noun: documentary

dodgy- adjective: below standard, awkward, suspicious or underhanded. 

dogs breakfast- adjective: a mess

dog's eye-noun: rhyming slang for meat pie

dole- noun: The Socialist version to unemployment and or welfare. "That no-hoper has been on the bloody dole all of his life!"

dole bludger- noun: Somebody who takes advantage of the dole and refuses to work. 

dollop- noun: A rough portion of something, usually of a think liquid consistency.

dong- verb: to hit or punch.

donger- noun: male anatomy

donk- noun: an engine for a car or boat

donkey's years- noun: a long time; ages. 

don't end up in a picnic- misc/phrase: Don't be in an awkward situation.

doona- noun: bedspread; quilt cover

down under- noun: Australia! This term can also be used to indicate the southern hemisphere.

drink with the flies- misc/phrase: to drink alone

drongo- noun: This is a stupid, inept, awkward or embarrassing person; a dimwit or slow-witted person, a fool.

drop your guts- misc/phrase: to break wind

draughts- noun: the game of checkers

drum- noun: information, tip-off  "I'll give you the drum."


dry as a dead dingo's donger- misc/phrase: really dry


dry as a Pommy's towel- misc/phrase: Another phrase meaning really dry.  This is based on opinions of Australians, saying that the English only bathe once a month.


duchess- noun: sideboard; A piece of dining room furniture having drawers and shelves for linens and tableware.


ducks 'n' drakes- misc/phrase: Rhyming slang for the shakes. Could also be taken to mean men and women.

duck's guts- noun: the heart of the matter, the basic information

duds- noun:  trousers, see also daks.

duffer- noun: a cattle stealer; a rustler in America; or a silly person.

dummy- noun: pacifier

dunno- misc/phrase:- literally meaning, "I don't know."

dunny- noun: toilet; outhouse; thunderbox (US `bathroom')

dunny budgie- noun: blowfly


durrey/durry- noun: (Aborigine term) cigarette, or hand rolled cigarette


Dutch oven- noun/misc/phrase:  This is when two people are in bed together and one breaks wind and pulls the covers over the other person's head.  (My friend Ralda claimed to be an occasional victim of her husband giving her the Dutch oven.)  


dux- noun: top of the class, verb: to be top of the class "She duxed four of her subjects".






earbash- verb: to chatter or talk incessantly to the point of boring or nagging.

ears flapping- adjective: describes someone who is listening with interest or intent.

easy on- misc/phrase: a request for someone to calm down in a heated moment.

eau de cologne- noun: rhyming slang for telephone;

echidna- noun: Any of several nocturnal, burrowing, egg-laying mammals of Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea, having a spiny coat, slender snout, and an extensible sticky tongue used for catching insects.

eggnisher- noun: air conditioner

eh- misc/phrase:  To be a typical Queenslander, (banana bender), when you usually ask a question, it is followed by eh...ex  "How's it goin', eh?"

Eight Hour Day- noun: It's the same as Labour Day (Labor Day), but it's called an Eight Hour Day in Tasmania. (see also Labour Day)

Ekka- noun: The "Brisbane Exhibition", a show that is held, once a year.

Emma Chissit?- misc/phrase: How much is it? How much does this item cost?

emu- noun: A large, flightless Australian bird, related to and resembling the ostrich.

end up a gum tree- misc/phrase: stymied; stranded;

esky- noun: a cooler; A portable insulated container for keeping food or drink cool. It's a shortened version of the trade name "Eskimo box". In New Zealand, it's called "Chilly Bin".

exercise book- noun: a school workbook

exy- noun: expensive



fag- noun: cigarette

fair dinkum- adjective: the real thing; true; deadly serious; the best

fair go- noun: To give some one an equal opportunity or equitable treatment.

fair go mate!- misc/phrase: A plea for an equal opportunity or equitable treatment.

Fair suck of the sav!-  misc/phrase: wonder, awe, disbelief (see also "sav")


fairy floss- noun: candy floss, cotton candy

fang it- verb: This has a few slang meanings, but usually means either to exert force so someone will lend or give you something, to appropriate what's not yours, or to go extremely fast.

fanny- noun: Different from US meaning! Referring to the female anatomy. Hence "fanny pack" becomes "bum bag" in Australia. The theme song from the TV show, "The Nanny" got many laughs in Oz, because it was said, she was booted out on her fanny.

fed up to the back teeth- adjective: This expression is used to signify someone is disgusted and/or has lost patience with someone/something/a situation.

feed- noun/verb:  In the US, "feed" usually means a verb, as in "to feed", unless it's referring to food for farm animals, such as chicken feed.  In Oz, "feed" is used everyday as a noun, as in to go get a feed, (to eat).  (When I was there, you would have been surprised to see how many Aussies were trying to invite themselves to my place during the American holiday, "Thanksgiving", hoping to get a feed. As you know, Thanksgiving is not celebrated there, but for a free feed, almost anybody is willing to be patriotic:)))    

feral- adjective/noun: Wild, untidy, unkempt, possibly filthy dirty.  Feral describes animals in the wild, or hippy-like people in Australia.  The Crocodile Hunter uses this word often to describe wild animals.

fettler- noun: A worker on the railway lines

FIGJAM- misc/phrase: Acronym for "I'm good; just ask me". I don't think I need to explain what the "F" stands for.  It's a nickname for people who have a high opinion of themselves.


filth- adjective: This expression is used mainly with the younger generation and it means great or awesome. Someone had said that to me, when I made sweetened iced tea, and I thought she meant that it sucked.  She said to me, "That iced tea was bloody filth!".  Then I found out that "filth" actually meant the opposite of what I thought.


fisho- noun: A person who sells fish; fishmonger.


Fix Your Jack & Jill!- verbal phrase: Pay your bill!

flagon- noun: A flagon is a large bottle (2L to 4L) of wine, that is usually cheap

flake- noun: Fillets of shark meat, used in fish and chips mostly Victoria and South Australia.

flannel- noun: washcloth

flash-adjective: showy; trying to impress; "He thinks he's as flash as a rat with a gold tooth!"

flake out- verb: to lie down or to collapse from fatigue.

flat- noun: apartment

flat out- adjective: going at full speed; as fast as possible; or busy

flat out like a lizard drinking- phrasal verb: extremely busy and under pressure from work.

flick- verb: To give something or somebody the flick is to get rid of it or him/her.

flick it on- verb: To sell something, usually for a quick profit, soon after buying it. Basically, it means to hock or pawn.

flog- verb: to beat or physically abuse someone/something; to sell something; to steal something.

fly wire- noun: A gauze flyscreen that covers a window or doorway.

footpath- noun: A path along the side of the road where people walk.

footy- noun: Footy is short for Football, either Australian Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union, or Soccer. However it is nearly always pronounced with a 'd'; foody.

fortnight- noun: biweekly; once every fourteen days

fossicking- verb: searching, rummaging (fossicking through the kitchen drawers)

Fosters- noun: "Australian for beer." Foster's Lager is the largest selling Australian beer brand in the world with more than 100 million cases of Foster's consumed worldwide every year.

franger- noun: a condom.

freckle- noun: the arse..."He's too lazy to get off his freckle"

Freeo- noun: Fremantle, a city in Western Australia, near Perth.


Fremantle Doctor- noun: The cooling afternoon breeze that arrives in Perth from the direction of Freeo.


frock- noun: dress


frog and toad- misc/phrase/noun: rhyming slang for road:


from arsehole to breakfast time- misc/phrase: It basically means a long distance or a lot, or covered from head to toe in filth. (Wayne uses this term if he's working outside and he gets totally covered in dirt.) "That kid was playing in the mud again and is covered from arsehole to breakfast time!"

from go to whoa- misc/phrase: literally from start to finish

front/fronted (someone)- verb: To tell someone something face to face, which I'm sure is from the word, confrontation..."He fronted him full on."

fruit loop- noun: fool

full- adjective: drunk

full on- adjective: holding nothing back

furphy- noun: a rumor; Derived from the battle fields of World War I, where rumors seems to follow the water carts which were manufactured in Australia by the Furphy company. The US Navy term: "scuttlebutt" also defines a water keg as well as a rumor. Aboard ship was the water keg, where seamen would at times pass on the latest rumors and news amongst each other as they took time to refresh themselves with a drink. (It just goes to show you, if you give men breaks together, they'll sooner or later will be gossiping and starting rumors amongst their co-workers and friends, just like a bunch of clucking hens.)    



g'day- misc/phrase: (pron. "gidday")  greeting; welcome; good to see you (good day)

ga-ga- verb: to be mad, loony, or insane.

galah- adjective: An endearing term for a fool or silly person. Also, and from, a particularly noisy parrot colored pink and gray.

galoot- noun: a foolish person

gander, 'ave a- verbal phrase: to have a look

gaol- noun: the Australian and British spelling of "jail".

garbo- noun: the garbage man

Gazza- noun: nickname for the man's name, Gary

gear- noun: clothing

gee-gees- noun: horses; often applied to horse racing.

get nicked- noun: An exclamation of contempt, or getting caught in the act.

get stuffed- misc/phrase:  This is a different way of telling someone to go to hell, piss off, or get rooted, as in; "Get stuffed, you useless wanker!"

get the shits- misc/phrase: To get really pissed off. To be angry, mad, or upset at something or someone.  (I've made the mistake of saying this expression to an American and she thought I was talking about diarrhea, oops, I mean diarrhoea....I'm a Yank. I spell things the American way, sorry:))

get up somebody- verb: to rebuke somebody; to yell at someone; "The boss got up him for being late"  

Ghan- noun: The railroad line to Alice Springs.

give birth to a polly/"politician"- misc/phrase: to defecate

give it heaps- verb: to not hold back; To make sure a car would go up the hill, you would "give it heaps", by putting your foot down on the accelerator. To give someone heaps is to give them a talking to for doing something wrong, or making fun of them for doing something silly.

give you a bell- misc/phrase: to give you a phonecall

gizmo- noun: A generic term for an apparatus or tool that either doesn't have a name or the real name for which cannot be remembered.

gob- noun: mouth

gobful, give a- noun: to give a mouthful, to verbally abuse, usually justifiably "The neighbors were having a noisy party so she went over and gave them a gobful."

goey- noun: (pronounced, go-wee) Australian street name for Methamphetamine; crank, crystal-meth, speed, meth, It supposedly keeps a person "on the go", hence the name, "Goey", but makes a person absolutely worthless at the same time. A meth junkie is the busiest person in the world, yet nothing gets done. It's the illegal substance that increases heart rate, decreases appetite, causes bodily sores, rots teeth, destroys brain cells....etc. It the substance that makes a tweaker a tweaker.

going off - adjective: A night spot or party that is a lot of fun.  "The place was really going off"


gone off- adjective: to spoil or go sour;

good guts- noun: accurate information; (which could cause someone's downfall); same as "good oil"; 

good oil - noun: useful information, a good idea, the truth


good sport- noun: easygoing; agreeable

goodies- noun: the best bits; the merchandise

goog- noun: an egg; Children will often say googie or googie egg.

Greenie- noun: environmentalist; I'm sure this was taken from the name, "Greenpeace".  It's not really a positive sort of title, but mainly said sarcastically.

gridiron- noun: American football

grinning like a shot fox- verbal phrase: very happy; smugly satisfied

grog- noun: alcohol; booze

grouse- adjective: excellent (known to be a Melbourne, Victoria term) "It was a grouse night out"

grub- noun: tree boring insects; (see witchety grub)

grundies- noun: rhyming slang for undies, underwear (from Reg Grundy, a television person)


gum- noun: eucalypt.

gun- adjective: To be gun at something is to be very good or the best at something , e.g.., a gun shearer is the best shearer.

gutful of piss- misc/phrase: drunk, "He's got a gutful of piss!"


gyno- noun: short for gynecologist






half your luck- misc/phrase: Would you believe it? This means "congratulations" or "best wishes". It might have come from the saying "I wish I had half your luck" or "I'd be happy if I had half your luck."


handbrake- noun: This not so nice term refers to the wife, missus, girlfriend, female partner.   


handle- noun:  A beer glass with a handle.

happy as Larry- misc/phrase: To be extremely happy, without a care in the world.

hard yacker- adjective/noun: (also hard yakka); hard work.

Harry head- noun: Slang nickname for a heroin addict.

have a burl, have a crack, have a go- verb: to attempt to do something considered a little difficult.

have a lend of,- misc/phrase: This is when someone takes advantage of somebody's gullibility or to have someone on. "He's having a lend of you."


have a naughty- verb: same thing as a root or a shag; sexual intercourse


having a piss- verb:  It means the exact same thing as taking one to an American (urinating), but if you say taking a piss in Oz, they'll ask where you're taking it to.  Also, they could think that you mean taking "the" piss, meaning you are going to tease or stir up somebody.

He doesn't know Christmas from Bourke Street- misc/phrase: It means that a person is a bit slow in the head. (Bourke Street is a brightly lit Melbourne street) 

he's got the wobbly boot on- misc/phrase: drunk

headmaster/headmistress- noun: the school principal, or sometimes vice principals in charge of boy/girls details.

heaps- adjective: lots, similar to mucho etc., (see also give it heaps)

hen fruit- noun: eggs, see also goog.

his nibs- noun: the boss, or the head of a group.

hit his kick- misc/phrase: reached into his pocket (usually to pay for a round of drinks)

Hobart- noun: The capital of Tasmania, Australia. It's found in Southeast Tasmania, on an inlet of the Tasman Sea. It was founded in 1804 as a penal colony. Population: 47,920.

hoick- verb: to lift, jerk, or throw in a somewhat inelegant manner

holiday- noun: annual leave; vacation; Holiday is also a Aussie brand name of cigarettes.

Holy dooley!- exclamation/misc/phrase: an exclamation of surprise = "Good heavens!", "My goodness!" "Good grief!" or similar

home and hosed- misc/phrase: This phrase is used to indicate that something has been completed successfully and easily. The implication is that the horse has run his race and is "home and hosed" before the other runners come in. It also indicates that the result was a foregone conclusion.

homestead- noun: main residence on a sheep or cattle station; (ranch or farm)

hoof- noun: a foot

hoof it- verb: to walk rather than take transport

hoon- noun: hooligan

hooroo- misc/phrase: goodbye; pronounced with or without the "h", the implication is that you are also saying "see you later"

horrors- noun: extreme hangover..." I had the horrors when I woke up this mornin'."

Horizon- noun: Aussie brand name of cigarettes

hotel- noun: In Oz, hotel could mean an overnight lodge, but normally it's often refered to as a pub.


hottie- noun: hot water bottle


Hungry Jacks- noun: Burger King




icy pole- noun: a popsicle, sometimes called an ice block.

idiot box- noun: television, often abbreviated to "the box".

iffy- adjective: Iffy is used to indicate that something is a bit suspicious. In the US, it means doubtful or uncertain.

illywhacker- noun: This is a con man who used to prey on the gullible at country shows and fairs.

I'm easy- adjective: not worried, not concerned, or has no preference to the outcome of a choice.

in a tic- misc/phrase: in a moment, very shortly.

in the altogether- adjective: in the nude

in the bag- adjective: A forgone conclusion that the "job" is as good as done, the "competition" is as good as won, etc.

Innit?- misc/phrase: corruption of the query Ain't it? Isn't it?

Irish- noun: rhyming slang for wig; from Irish jig.

it's gone walkabout- noun: it's lost; can't be found

ivories- noun: teeth



jack of something- adjective: To be sick and tired of something or doing something.

jackaroo- noun: A young male station (ranch) hand or apprentice. A Jillaroo is the female equivalent. 

jaffle- noun: a toasted sandwich

jaffle iron- noun: Originally a cast iron device to make jaffles on a camp fire, the name now also applies to the "civilized" electrical versions.

jam- noun: Any kind of jam or jelly or preserves.  It's all referred to as jam in Oz.

jelly- noun: A flavored water based gelatin desert, what we refer to in the US as geletin or Jello. 

jelly kneed- adjective: to be a weak person, a coward or someone who is procrastinating doing something emotionally difficult. From "jelly" above.

jersey- noun: sweater

Joe Blake- noun: Rhyming slang for a snake.

Joe Bloggs- noun: The average person on the street. Although the term is male, it is non-specific and therefore signifies a person of either sex. About the same as saying Joe Blow in the US.

joey- noun: A baby kangaroo still in its mothers pouch.

Johnny Horner- noun: rhyming slang for corner; To hook around the Johnny Horner is to run around the corner.

journo- noun: journalist

jumble sale- noun: yard sale

jumbuck- noun: sheep



k- noun: kilometer

kafuffle- noun: a commotion.

kangaroo- noun: Any of various herbivorous marsupials of the family Macropodidae of Australia and adjacent islands, having short forelimbs, large hind limbs adapted for leaping, and a long tapered tail. A widely-held belief has it that the word kangaroo comes from an Australian Aboriginal word meaning I don't know. This is in fact untrue. The word was first recorded in 1770 by Captain James Cook, when he landed to make repairs along the northeast coast of Australia. In 1820, Captain Phillip K. King recorded a different word for the animal, written mee-nuah. As a result, it was assumed that Captain Cook had been mistaken, and the myth grew up that what he had heard was a word meaning I don't know (presumably as the answer to a question in English that had not been understood). Recent study however, has confirmed the existence of a word gangurru in the northeast Aboriginal language of Guugu Yimidhirr, referring to a species of kangaroo. What Captain King heard may have been their word minha, meaning edible animal.

kaput- adjective: something is broken and is ruined beyond repair;

kark it- verb: to die or cease operation;

keen as mustard- adjective: extremely enthusiastic; This phrase is from the brand of powdered mustard manufactured by the Keen company. Get it? Keen's Mustard, keen as mustard.   

Kelpie- noun: A sheep dog or cattle dog. The Kelpie bloodline comes from dogs imported from Scotland, and indeed Kelpie is Gaelic for water sprite.

kerb- noun: Kerb is the Australian and British spelling for curb.

kero- noun: short term for kerosene

kick in- verb: to share, donate or join in.

kick in the teeth- noun: a set back.

kilo/kilos- noun: Short term for kilogram, (metric).  It's more flattering to say, someone weighs 66 kilos than 145 pounds. What's even better, is to say someone weighs 10 stone. Other countries weigh in stone.

kindy- noun: kindergarten, pre school.

king brown- noun: Mulga snake. Sometimes applied to a larger (usually brown in color) bottle of beer.

kip- noun: a short sleep/nap

Kiwi- noun: A person who is originally from New Zealand. (If you want to insult my husband, call him a Kiwi:))

knackered- adjective: puzzled (It's got me knackered); extremely tired; (I'm knackered)

knee high to a grasshopper- adjective: very short.

knickers- noun: underwear

knickers in a knot- misc/phrase: To get one's knickers in a knot is to become irritated, agitated, or bothered (about something).

knock- verb: to criticize.

knock back- verb: to refuse something, or to eat or drink something hurriedly;

knock off- misc/phrase: to steal

knocker- noun: somebody who criticizes

koala- noun: An arboreal Australian marsupial that has dense grayish fur, large ears, and sharp claws. It feeds chiefly on the leaves of eucalyptus trees.  Its a tailless marsupial found in Australia. The female carries her young on the back of her neck.



Labour Day- noun: Labor Day; Only their "Labour Day" is celebrated at different times of the year, unlike the US, where it's celebrated in September.  In the ACT/NSW/SA, it's celebrated in October. In Western Australia, it's celebrated in March, and in Queensland, it's celebrated in March.  (see also Eight Hour Day)

lair- noun: A flashily dressed young man, of brash and vulgar behaviour, to dress up in flashy clothes, to renovate or dress up something in bad taste, or a lout.

lair it up- adjective: to behave in a brash and vulgar manner

lairy- adjective: flashy, particularly appearance.

Lamington- noun: An Australian delicacy, made from sponge cake cut into squares, and covered in chocolate and coconut. As Homer would say, "Mmmm... Lamingtons". Apparently Lamingtons are named after Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland from 1895 - 1901.

Lamington drive- noun: a traditional way of raising money for charity by selling Lamingtons. This is similar to Girl Scouts selling cookies in America. However, these days, fund raising is done by selling manufactured chocolate.

larrikin- noun: harmless prankster; cheeky; irreverent

larry- noun: A larry is a hoe with a hole in the center for mixing cement.

lay by- verb: To purchase an item from a store by paying installments. US = lay away.

Lazza- noun: Lazza is a nickname for the man's name, Larry, which could already be a nickname for Lawrence.

lead foot- noun: a fast and reckless driver.

learnt- verb: past tense and past participle of learned

leckie- noun: an electrician

lemon squash- noun: A non-carbonated drink made from lemons, sugar and water. US = Lemonade.

lemonade- noun: Sparkling lemon flavored drink. In the US, it's either called soda, pop, Sprite, or 7-UP, not lemonade.

lifesaver- noun: life guard

lift- noun: elevator

lino- noun: linoleum

lippie- noun: lipstick

liquid laugh- noun: vomit

lob- verb: to arrive.

lob in- noun: To call someone or to drop in to see someone.

local rag- noun:  local newspaper

lollies- noun: sweets; candy

lollipop lady or man- noun: The person who supervises school crossings.

lolly water- noun: A soft drink that is usually carbonated.

London to a brick- misc/phrase: absolute; certainty "It's London to a brick that taxes won't go down."

long paddock- noun: The side of the road where livestock is grazed during droughts.


loo- noun: toilet, dunny, thunderbox


lurk- noun: A scheme for success. A lurk can be either legal or illegal.





Macca's- noun:  McDonald's

mad as a cut snake- misc/phrase: very angry

maggies- noun: magpies, an Australian black and white crow, like bird.

make a blue- verb: make a mistake;

make a good fist- verb: to do a task/a job well;

make a quid- verb: to earn a basic living;

Mallee- noun: A region straddling the borders of Victoria and South Australia covered by scrub. A particular type of Gum tree, the Mallee Gum, has very knotty hard wood and is highly prized for wood burning stoves.

manchester- noun: household linen.

mate- noun: friend; cobber; Familiar term of address among men, similar to US "buddy".

mate's rate, mate's discount- noun: cheaper than usual for a "friend"

matey- noun: This is an affectionate term that must be better than a mate, or adding -y just for the sake of it.

matilda- noun: The old term for a swagman's bedroll, swag, pack, or sack which contained essentials (sometime complete belongings) when traveling in the bush by foot. 

Melbourne- noun: Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and a city of southeast Australia, southwest of Canberra. Settled in 1835, it was the seat of the Australian federal government from 1901 to 1927. The Summer Olympics were held here in 1956. Population: 3,189,200.

methinks- verb: Middle English term for "I think" or "It seems to me"

metho- noun: methylated spirits, also a person who drinks it.

Mexican- noun: This is someone who south of the border. For example, a Victorian is a Mexican to a New South Welshman, who is a Mexican to a Queenslander. However, a Taswegan is never a Mexican as Tasmania is separated from the main continent by the Tasman sea.

Mickey Mouse- adjective: excellent, very good; Beware though - in some parts of Australia it means inconsequential, frivolous or not very good!

middy- noun: a 285 ml beer glass in New South Wales.

milk bar- noun: A small corner shop selling general daily food items and newspapers. In Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia it's called a milk bar. It's called a Deli elsewhere.

mince/mince meat- noun: hamburger

misery guts- noun: a constant complainer; My mother is a good example.

missus- noun: wife; the handbrake; the cook 

mob- noun: A group of people who not necessarily troublesome. Also, it's a family or herd of kangaroos.


mobile phones- noun: cellular phones


Maori- noun: (pronounced mal-ree)- indigenous people of New Zealand.

moll- noun: trollop; A promiscous woman with little or no morals.

molly dook- noun: a natural left handed person

mollycoddle- verb: to fuss over or pamper unnecessarily

mongrel- noun: despicable person, also means a mixed breed dog; mutt.

moo juice- noun: milk

mossie, mozzie- noun: a mosquito

motza (also motser or motzer)- noun: Large amount of money, usually applied to a gambling win.

mucking around- noun: To simply play around with no real intent or purpose.

muddy- noun: mud crab (a delicacy for the Aussies)

mudguard- noun: fender

mug- noun:  A fool who is easily duped.

mulga- noun: the outback bush

mull- noun: grass; weed; pot; marijuana

mum- noun: mom

mushie- noun:  a mushroom.

muster- verb: To round up sheep or cattle. The US Navy uses this term too, basically meaning the same thing, but to round up people for roll call (formation).

mystery bags- noun: sausages. It's so named because you don't really know what the ingredients are. See also snags.

mystery pack- noun: a meat pie; It's so named because you don't really know what the ingredients are.



naff- adjective: useless; low quality; ridiculous

nappy- noun: diaper

nark- noun:  A continual complainer, whiner or spoil-sport. In the US, it's a variant of narc, which means, an informer (snitch), especially a police informer.

narked- adjective: to be very annoyed about something/someone.

Nasho- noun: National Service (compulsory military service)

naught, nought- noun: zero

neddies- noun: racing horses.

never never- noun/verb: A desert region of the Northern Territory of Australia. It also is a verb meaning to buy something on credit, especially when one never seems to pay it off.

nick- noun: nude; naked; It's also an adjective, meaning the condition of an object, as in, "in the nick". To nick means to steal something.

nick off- verb: go away; It can also be used to explain that someone is leaving, or as an expletive to tell someone rather rudely to go away.

nick out- verb: To pop out for a short period of time.

nipper - noun:  young surf lifesaver

Noah-  noun: a shark (rhyming slang for ark= Noah's ark)

no drama!- misc/phrase:  same as no worries   

no-hoper- adjective: It decribes somebody who will never do well in life and is a total loser. hopeless; (My friend, Hannah used this term often, in Oz, describing the local dole bludgers.)

no worries- misc/phrase: Typical Aussie phrase meaning everything will be all right and there are and will be no problems.

nong- adjective: a silly person or fool

norts and crosses- noun: the game of tic-tac-toe

North Island- noun: Mainland Australia, according to the residents of Tasmania.

norts and crosses- noun: the game of tic-tac-toe

not on- misc/phrase:  When a person says, "This is not on!", or "It's not on!", it means he/she is not having it, it's not going to happen, and it better stop, now. (I heard this once, when I knocked over an ash tray that was too full because I was too lazy to get up off my date and dump it. Wayne sure was pissed!, um, I mean he was pissed off.:))

not the full quid- misc/phrase: This phrase describes a person who is not bright intellectually and has a low IQ. (Historical note: "quid" is slang for a pound)

not within cooee- misc/phrase: figuratively speaking a long way away; far off

NSW- noun: abbreviation of New South Wales; (the first state in Australia; This is stated on people's license plates as well as those from Delaware.)

NT- noun: abbreviation of Northern Territory; The Northern Territory covers about one sixth of the Australian continent. It is not considered a state.  Darwin is the capital. 


ocker- adjective: (Pronounced ocka), A stereotyped uncultured Aussie male who exhibits excessive drinking of alcohol, womanising, and chauvinism. (Ockers did not know what to think of my attitude:)) To call a female ocker is to suggest that she is somewhat butch. It's similar to the US redneck. See also yobbo.

off one's face- noun: To be extremely drunk.

off sider- noun: An assistant or partner.

ol' cheese- noun: mother

old chook- noun:  An old chook is a disliked and interfering woman. from chook meaning chicken; The reference is perhaps to being hen pecked.

oldies- noun: a person's parents

on for young and old- adjective: This is used to indicate that a situation is out of control, usually referring to a fight or an argument.

on the nose- adjective: Either smelly, offensive, disagreeable, or to indicate that someone's opinion or guess is correct.

onkus- noun: bad; unacceptable;

onya- misc/phrase: Onya is an expression of encouragement, short for good on you. "Good onya, mate!"

open slather- misc/phrase: free-for-all; anything goes;

OS- adjective: overseas

out in the sticks- misc/phrase: Out in the country/bush, away from civilization, in remote areas.

outback- noun: the bush; the remote country areas of Australia

outhouse- noun: toilet; dunny; thunderbox; Before modern sewage, the toilet was in it's own little "house" in the backyard, hence out house.

Oz- noun: alternate spelling of Aus, short for Australia



pack a wallop- verb: to punch someone convincingly and with force

paddock- noun: A paddock is a field or meadow that is usually on a farm.

panel beater- noun: a car or automobile body work repairer, or repair shop.

pash- noun: A pash is a long and enthusiastic kiss. To be passionate about or with;

pavement- noun: sidewalk

pavlova- noun: Pavlova is a traditional Australian dessert with cream and a fruit filled meringue case. It's named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.

peckish- adjective: hungry

Perth- noun: Capital and city of the state, Western Australia, near the Indian Ocean. Founded in 1829, it grew rapidly after the discovery of gold in the region in the 1890s. Population: 1,018,702.

perve- noun/verb: looking lustfully at the opposite sex or one who looks lustfully at the opposite sex

petrol- noun: short for petroleum, gasoline

petrol station- noun: gas station

phone box- noun: a public telephone housing

pictures- noun: movies

pie floater- noun: a meat pie floating on a thick pea puree

piece of piss- noun: easy task

pig's arse!- misc/phrase/exclamation: I don't agree with you! 

pig's ear- noun: rhyming slang for beer

pikelet- noun: small pancake

piker- noun: A piker is someone who either does not join in with others, or gives up an activity before it is finished.

pinch- verb: to steal, also to arrest.

piss- noun: alcohol, usually beer; "They were on the piss for three days!". It also means urine, but it refers to as beer as well, probably because they are the same in color.

piss tank- noun: alcoholic; lush; drunk; derro 

pissed- adjective: inebriated; drunk; 

pissed off- adjective: angry; mad; irate; enraged; upset

pissing down- misc/phrase: raining heavily

plant the foot- verb: This means to drive fast by putting your foot down on the accelerator.

plates of meat- noun: rhyming slang for feet

platypus- noun: A semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of Australia and Tasmania, having a broad flat tail, webbed feet, and a snout resembling a duck's bill.

plodder- noun: A plodder is a slow worker, but is one who eventually gets the job done.

plonk- noun: Plonk is cheap wine, perhaps a contraction of vin blanc. It also means to put something down unceremoniously.

plonked- adjective: drunk

poddy- noun: young unweaned calf

poddy-dodger- noun: one who steals unbranded calves

pokies/pokie machines- noun: slot machines/poker machines in a casino

polish off- verb: to finish or complete something; It means to polish off a meal, or to polish off a job.

pollie/polly- noun: politician

Pom, Pommy, Pommie- noun: A person from England, probably derived from Prisoner Of Mother England.

Pommy shower- noun: using deodorant instead of taking a shower

poof, poofter, pooftah- noun: a homosexual male. It isn't really considered a PC term, but it's often used in Australia. It's also used in name calling between two heterosexual males.

poofteenth- noun: an extremely small quantity

port- noun: suitcase; from the word, portmanteau

possie, pozzie- noun: position

post code/postal code- noun: zip code

postie- noun: postman

pot- noun: a 285 ml glass of beer in Victoria and Queensland; (see schooner)

pot of good cheer- noun: rhyming slang for beer

pram- noun: stroller; baby carriage, short for perambulator

prang- noun: An accident or crash, usually with any road transport vehicle.

prawn- noun: shrimp; also a foolish person.

pre-loved- adjective: second hand; (It sounds a lot nicer than saying used or second hand.)

preggers- adjective: pregnant

press- noun: used to compress fleeces in a shearing shed for baling

prezzies; pressies- noun: presents; gifts

pub- noun: A hotel, short for public house or the bar or drinking area in a hotel.

puffed- adjective: out of breath

pull the pin- verb: to stop an activity or withdraw support

pull up stumps- verb: To stop an activity, usually for the day and more than likely meaning to go home. This comes from the game of cricket, where the stumps are pulled up and out of the ground at the end of the day's play.

push bike- noun: a bicycle



Q/QLD- noun: These are abbreviations for Queensland, otherwise known as "The Sunshine State", just like Florida is in the US. Brisbane is the capital.

QANTAS- noun: Australia's national air carrier. QANTAS is an acronym for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd.

Queensland nut- noun: a Macadamia nut.

queer street, (as in) "in queer street"- misc/phrase: To be in queer street is to be broke.

queue- noun: a line of people.

quick smart- adjective: straight away; in a hurry

quid- noun: one pound, Australia currency before decimalization; To make a quid, means to earn a living.

quids- noun: lots of money.

quince- noun: To do your quince means to lose your temper/patience.

Quist, (as in) Adrian Quist- misc/phrase: rhyming slang for drunk. Quist = pissed. See also Adrians.



rack off- misc/phrase: Go away! This phrase is used when a person is very angry with someone.

rage- noun: party

rage on- verb: to continue partying

rake- noun: a comb

randy- adjective: sexually stimulated; horny. "My stepbrother has a son named, Randy:)". Also, there was a restaurant in Northern New South Wales, called, "The Randy Rooster". I'm sure they wanted to use another word, in place of "rooster", but was unable to get away with it:).

rapt- adjective: short for enraptured; to fill with delight

ratbag- adjective: A ratbag is a contemptible, obnoxious or untrustworthy person, on the eccentric side, who behaves improperly, or any combination of the above.

razoo- noun: A razoo is a fictitious coin made from brass. The term is usually used to indicate that someone has no money. "I haven't got a brass razoo!"

reckon- misc/phrase: You bet! Absolutely!  Also, the word reckon is used, informally, meaning to think or assume, as it is used in some parts of the US, mainly the south.

Redback Spider- noun: The Redback Spider is one of Australia's most famous, or infamous, spiders. It has earned this reputation through its widespread distribution and nasty bite. More than 200 Redback Spider bites requiring anti-venom are reported every year. The Redback's bite is potentially dangerous to humans. I dont know for sure, but I think the Redback is a close relative to the Black Widow spider.

reffo- noun: refugee, shortened (The reffo has rellies back in Thailand.) 

rego- noun: vehicle registration, shortened (A car rego costs a lot of money in Oz.)

relief teacher- noun: a substitute teacher

rellies- noun: relatives, shortened (My rellies are not from Oz.)

reo- noun:  A reo is a steel reinforcing bar that is used in constructions.

rice bubbles- noun: Another name for "Rice Krispies". Kellogg's changed the name on the box to "Rice Bubbles", for the Australian consumers.

ridgie didge- adjective: genuine, the real thing.

ring in- noun: a substitute or imposter.

rip off- verb: to cheat

rip snorter- adjective: great, awesome, fantastic

ripper- adjective: great, awesome, fantastic, as in, "It was a ripper party!" When someone says, "You little ripper!", it's an exclamation of delight or as a reaction to good news.

rissole- noun: a meat patty; although shaped like a little ball rather than being flat. Eaten as part of a meal rather than like a hamburger.

road train- noun: big truck with many trailers

rock up- verb:  to show up, to arrive; "We rocked up at their house at 11pm"

rolley- noun: a hand rolled cigarette, see also durrey.

ron- noun: short for later on.

roo- noun: short for kangaroo.

roo bar- noun: A roo bar is a strong metal bar at the front of vehicles to protect them against hitting a kangaroo.

roo dog- noun: literally "kangaroo dog"; It's a large, lean dog, originally bred specifically for hunting kangaroos

root- noun or verb: intercourse; shag; also I was rooted! "exhausted" (During the 2000 Olympics, the Aussies were laughing when the Americans had said, they were going to root for their teams.) Also, root is a new computer-geek term, meaning systems administrator for unix machine.  In the US, there are t-shirts available that read: "got root?"  Wayne is getting one as a joke.  In Oz, it has a whole different meaning.:)

ropable- adjective: extremely angry

rort- noun/verb: fraud; to cheat; usually referring to politicians

rotten- adjective: drunk; "He went out last night and got rotten."

roundabout- noun: A roundabout is a circular construction at a traffic intersection to guide the traffic around. In some states here, it's also, referred to as a roundabout, but in New Jersey, it's known as a circle. 

roustabout/rouseabout- noun: general labourer on a station (farm)

RSL - noun: (Return Service League) The Aussie version of the VFW.  (I was a member of the Bribie Island RSL in Queensland.)

rubber- noun: A rubber is a pencil eraser. Although it also means a condom, so this does cause a lot of confusion.

rubbity dub- misc/phrase for noun. rhyming slang for bathtub or pub. "I'm going down the frog and toad, down to the rubbity dub, for a pig's ear."- (Get it?) 

rubbish- noun/verb: garbage; It's also a verb, meaning to criticize.

rubbish bin- noun: a garbage can. US = trash can.

rugby- noun: A form of football where you carry the ball while running rather than kicking it. Rugby was invented by the British. There are two versions, League and Union, with the rules differing slightly.



SA- noun: abbreviation for South Australia; Adelaide is the state capital.

sack/sacked- verb: to terminate employment; to fire; getting canned

Salvo- noun: A Salvo is a member of the Salvation Army. It's a term now also embraced by the Salvation Army in fund raising campaigns.

sand shoes- noun: These are sneakers, usually made from canvas.

Sandgroper- noun: A resident of Western Australia, named after a sand-burrowing desert insect. A wichity grub eater.

sanga, sanger- noun: a sandwich.

sauce- noun: another term for ketchup (tomato sauce).

sausage rolls- noun: It's a sausage mince wrapped inside of a pastry. Sausage rolls are popular in Oz and they sell them in all 7-11's.  (Sausage rolls and tomato sauce, "ketchup" would be the choice food to get, walking into a 7-11, late at night) 

sav- noun: short for saveloy; meaning sausage. (see also: "fair suck of the sav!")

saveloy- noun: sausage

say- noun: opinion, comment, as in have your say;

scallops- noun: deep fried potato cakes; (That's what they are referred to in Queensland and New South Wales, whereas in other parts of Oz, they are called Potato Cakes, and scallops are small shellfish, just like they are to us, in the US.)

scarce as hen's teeth- adjective: very scarce or very rare.

schoolie- noun:  A teenager of school age or just graduated. Schoolies week is now quite a tradition where High School graduates celebrate the end of the academic year with a week of partying in southern Queensland. There is concern however, that the celebrations are getting somewhat out of hand. It's a lot like Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

schooner-  noun: A schooner is a large beer glass in New South Wales and South Australia, elsewhere called a Pot.

scone- noun: In oz, a scone is the same as an American biscuit, only they put whipped cream on them instead of butter and jelly. In the US, a scone is a small, rich, biscuitlike pastry or quick bread, sometimes baked on a griddle or in the state of Utah, it's a yeast bread dough, deep-fried, and served with honey and butter or with a savory filling.

scratchy- noun: instant lottery ticket

screamer- noun: party lover; "two pot screamer" - somebody who gets drunk on very little alcohol

scrub- noun: Native vegetation, similar to bush but with fewer and shorter trees.

secondary school- noun: high school.

section- noun: A plot of land. This is referring to the original settlement days when people received a land grant and they would make their selection.

seppo/septic/septic tank- noun: A slang name for an American;  rhyming slang (Septic tank = Yank)

serviette- noun: a table napkin.

servo- noun: A service station, where you purchase petrol or gasoline.

shark biscuit- noun: somebody new to surfing

she'll be apples, she'll be right, she'll be sweet- misc/phrase: Everything will be okay. There is no need to worry.

sheepdog- noun: bra (rounds em up & keeps em together)

sheila- noun: A common term for an Australia female, usually single and probably good looking. It probably originated from the high number of female immigrants from Ireland named Sheelagh.

shirty- adjective: To be niggly, upset, or even angry.

shivoo- noun: party; celebration; spree

shonky- adjective: Low or suspect quality, either of a thing or a persons character. US = cheesy.

shoot through/shot through- verb: To leave or disappear, usually in a hurry.

shout- verb/noun: To buy drinks at a pub for all the people in your group. The system is reciprocal in that next time someone else will "shout". "Shout me a beer, mate." Turn to pay, as in "It's your shout, mate."

show pony- noun: someone who tries too hard; It shows by one's dress or behavior, to impress others.

sickie- noun: To take a day off work, although the reasons have nothing to do with sickness or health but rather with recreation and enjoyment.  On a hot summer day, many people take a sickie.

Simmo- noun: A shortened form that is taken from the surname Simpson. Thommo is the nickname for Thompson.  

singlet- noun: a sleeveless cotton undershirt

skerrick- noun:  A very small quantity, usually immeasurable.

skids- noun: (men's) underpants; Gee, wonder where they come up with that one? Perhaps from skidmarks?.....:)

skint- adjective: broke, absolutely NO money.

skite- verb: to boast or brag

skivvy- noun: a shirt with a turtle neck

skull, to- verb: To drink your drink in one go.

slab- noun: A slab is a carton of 24 cans (tinnies) or stubbies of beer.

slacker- noun: A slacker is a person who either does not work or who tries his/her best to get away with doing as little work as possible, even if this threatens their salary.

slag- noun: Another word used to describe a moll.  A promiscuous trollop with little or no morals.

sleepout- noun:  house verandah converted to a bedroom; (I stayed in a sleepout, when I first arrived in Queensland.)

slog- noun: hard and strenuous work; see also yakka.

smoko- noun: It's originally a 10-15 minute break from work for a cigarette, it now means a break for a cup of tea/coffee.

snag- noun: A snag is a sausage or a problem. UK = banger.  (If I served Wayne snags every night, he would shoot through and divorce me.)

snakey- adjective: angry; upset; mean; (see also `dirty') 

snog- verb/noun: to kiss and cuddle; When snog is used as a noun, it's the act of kissing and cuddling.

snooker- noun: Snooker is a form of pool played with 15 red balls and six balls of other colors and a cue ball.

solicitor- noun:  An attorney who advises clients on legal matters and represents clients in certain lower courts, and prepares cases for barristers to present in the higher courts. In the US, a solicitor is a salesperson, ex...AMWAY peddler. 

sook- noun/adjective: A weak-willed person who is likely to burst into tears at the slightest provocation. A sook is also known as a cry-baby. The adjective is sooky.

spag bol- noun: spaghetti bolognaise

sparkie- noun: an electrician

sparrow fart- noun: dawn

spewin'- adjective: very angry

spiffy- adjective: great, excellent

spine bashing-verb: resting, loafing

spit the dummy/spat the dummy- verbal phrase: To throw a temper tantrum;  "Wayne said I spat the dummy, having to walk forever in Sydney to get to the harbor."

spoilt- adjective: Australian and British spelling for spoiled.

sponger- noun: a bludger/free loader; or one who lives of the good graces of another

sport- noun: A sport is a generic term for a male friend, similar to mate, mainly used in rural areas. Also it's a bit like mate, but with an undertone of belligerence, as in "Whaddaya mean, sport?".

spot on- adjective: perfect or exact.

spruiker- noun:  A spruiker is a man who stands outside a nightclub or restaurant trying to persuade people to enter.

sprung- verb: getting caught doing something wrong; 

spunk-  noun: a good looking person (of either sex);

squatter - noun: a wealthy landowner 

squib- verb: Squib means to back down or act in a cowardly manner.  

squizz- noun: look; "Take a squizz at the telly."

St. Vinnie's- noun: St. Vincent's de Paul. (My friend Vanessa worked for St. Vinnie's and had the first grabs of all the second hand stuff that came into the place.:))

standover man- noun: A large man, usually gang-related, who threatens people with physical violence in order to have his wishes carried out.

station- noun: A station is a farm or ranch, as in sheep station or cattle station.

stay ups- noun: women's thigh high stockings

stoked- adjective: very pleased; also drugged or drunk;

strewth (also struth, streuth,'struth.)- misc/phrase/exclamation: same as bloody oath, or fair dinkum; (Strewth, he is a bonzer bloke!)

strides- noun: trousers

strine- noun: Australian slang and pronunciation

stubbies- noun: little bottle of beer

stuffed-  adjective: exhausted;  tired

sultana-  noun:  Any of various green seedless grapes, used in producing raisins and a white wine; yellow raisin that is made from this grape. Kellogg's makes Sultana Bran, instead of Raisin Bran, for the Australian consumers.

sunbake- verb: to sunbathe

sundowner- noun: A sundowner is a swagman who arrives at a homestead at nightfall too late for work but gets shelter for the night.

sunnies- noun: sunglasses

surfies- noun: Surfies are people who go surfing, usually more often than they go to work!

surname- noun: a person's last name

suss- noun/verb: To be suspicious, of doubtful nature; not quite right; When it's used as a verb, it means to probe, or prove the veracity (or falsity) of something or the bona fides of someone; or, more simply, to check out.

swag- noun: A swag is a bundle or roll carried across the shoulders, usually by itinerant workers.

swagman- noun: tramp; hobo; one who travels doing odd jobs..etc.

Swan Lager- noun: Swan Lager is a beer brewed in Perth, Western Australia.  It's a full bodied lager, which has a heavy amount of hops.

sweet bugger all- misc/phrase: This also means the same as bugger-all, "sweet-f***-all", or just plain "f***-all". These phrases mean that a person is getting nothing, diddly squat; jack-shit, as one may think he/she would be entitled to get for free most of the time out of life, anyway (when it comes to food, money for doing nothing, sex, and liquor). I used to question this phrase humorously, wanting to know what the hell was so sweet about getting f***-all.

Sydney- noun: Sydney is the largest city in Australia. It's located in southeast Australia on an inlet of the Tasman Sea.  It's the capital of New South Wales and it is the country's chief port and main cultural and financial center. Population: 3,713,500

Sydneysider- noun: someone who resides in Sydney



ta- misc/phrase:  thank you

take away food-  noun: food that you take home to eat; US = take out. They use this term at the "Outback Steakhouse".

taking the piss/taking the piss out of you-misc/phrase: For the life of me, I can't find the logic behind this phrase, but it means to have a go at someone, to tease, to joke around and get a rise out of another person; to get someone's goat.

tall poppy- noun: A successful person or achiever.

tall poppy syndrome- noun: It is the tendency to criticize successful people.

tally ho- noun: Tally ho is a brand name for popular cigarette papers.

tart- noun/adjective/verb: Besides the open faced pie, type of pastry, this word also descibes a promiscuous woman. It once meant sheila, or sweetheart, but the term can now be used derogatory. Calling someone a tart doesn't seem as vulgar as saying moll or slag, and it is used more often to describe a flirtatious, carefree, and somewhat easy female. "To tart oneself up", means for a woman to get all dressed and made up to go out on the town. "Tarting around" means flirting around and could have the hidden meaning as to be sleeping around.

TAS- noun: abbreviation for Tasmania; Tasmania is an island state of southeast Australia consisting of the island of Tasmania along with several smaller islands and separated from the mainland by Bass Strait. Abel Tasman explored the island in 1642, naming it Van Diemen's Land. It was renamed in his honor in 1853. Tasmania joined Australia in 1901. Hobart is its capital.

Tassie- noun: nick name for Tasmania

Taswegian- noun: A person from or resident in Tasmania.

taxi rank- noun: a taxi stand.

tea- noun: dinner (as well as the drink)

technicolor yawn- noun: vomit

tee up- noun: To arrange or organize an event.

telly- noun: television

Telstra- noun: Formally known as Telecom, Australia's country-wide telephone and now, internet access service.

The Big Smoke- noun: This is a bush slang term for the major cities of Australia ex...Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin.

The Gabba- noun: A cricket ground at Wooloongabba in Brisbane. Its easier to say Gabba than Wooloongabba!

the long paddock- noun: The areas alongside country roads and stock routes often used to graze cattle during droughts or rough times.

The Lucky Country- noun: What Australians refer to Australia as.

The Track- noun: The Alice Springs to Darwin Highway

"The Wet"- noun: The Wet is the rainy season during Summer in northern tropical Australia.

thingo-  noun: same thing as a watjamacallit; thingy; whatsit; Its a word used when someone does not know the proper name of an object.

thongs- noun: rubber sandals, flip flops, shower shoes 

thunderbox- noun: outhouse; dunny

tinfoil- noun: aluminum foil (aluminum is pronounced al-you-min-yum)

tingle- noun: To give someone a telephone call.

tinnies- noun: cans (tins) of beer

tinny- adjective: low quality, shonky. US = Cheesy.  It also means lucky and also describes a tin, aluminum boat.

togs- noun: Bathers or swimming costume in Queensland and Victoria.

tomato sauce- noun: Ketchup or catsup. Also a horse, but then dead horse also means tomato sauce. Confused?

tomato sauces- noun: The horses or the horse races.

too right- noun: an affirmation or agreement.

Toohey's- noun:  brand name of Australian beer

toot- noun: toilet

Top End- noun: The northern part of the Northern Territory. Famous for the lush pristine rain forests.

Top Ender- noun: A Resident of the Northern Territory.

torch- noun: A flashlight or hand held battery powered illumination device.

tracksuit- noun: Sweatshirt and sweatpants, sold as a complete set and often worn around the house when feeling lazy. Also known as tracky daks.


trannie- noun: A transistor radio. Also the transmission of a car. Or even a transvestite.

Triple J- noun: Government owned radio station, played throughout Australia, from different cities on different frequenies. They usually play alternative/modern rock music.

Triple M- noun: Another rock and roll radio station, played throughout Australia from different cities on different frequencies.

trolley- noun: shopping cart/buggy (I had to learn this one real quick, for I was yelled at in Woolie's, for referring to it as a cart:()

trooper - noun: a policeman; a mounted militia-man.

troppo- adjective: Crazy or insane. Not necessarily a mental disorder. It's a description of the way people can go crazy in the tropics.

trough lolly- noun:  The solid piece of perfumed disinfectant in a men's urinal, otherwise known as the big, white mint, as stated by Sam Elliott in the movie, "Road House".

trucky- noun: A driver of large trucks.  Normally a male, but not so much these days.  It also implies a blokey character.


true blue- adjective: A genuine, 100% Australian person or thing. Also implies pride.


tucker- noun: food


tuckerbag, tuckerbox-  noun: A bag or box for storing food. Originally used by outdoor workers, the present equivalent is the Esky. 


turps- noun: Short for Mineral Turpentine, also slang for strong alcohol liquor. To hit the turps means to go on a drinking binge.


twit- adjective: An idiot or fool.


two up- noun: A traditional Australian gambling game. Two coins are thrown in the air and callers bet on how they will land. Officially illegal except in licensed casinos, the game is tolerated on Anzac Day as it was a pastime for soldiers during the two World Wars.

tyre- noun: Australian and British spelling for tire; as in tire on a vehicle.



U-ee- noun: U-turn, as in "He did a U-ee."; same as yewy

ugg boot- noun: A soft boot made from sheepskin with the fleece inside to provide a warm lining.

uglier than a hat full of arseholes- misc/phrase: God awful ugly; hideous; butt ugly.  (Wayne uses this description often when he's talking about the hedgehog, "Ron Jeremy") 

underdaks- noun: underpants; briefs; or jocks

underground mutton- noun: rabbit

uni- noun: a contraction of university; US = college.

up a gum tree- noun: a person who is confused and has problems

up at a sparrow fart- misc/phrase: having to wake up early

up north- noun: Queensland according to New South Wales, which is up north according to Victoria. (Severe Islander attitude!)

up the duff- misc/phrase: (No, this has nothing to do with the fictional "Duff" beer from the Simpsons.) This term means being pregnant. It's almost as bad as saying knocked up. "She's up the duff again!"

up the spout- misc/phrase: It means the same thing as being up the duff.

up yourself- adjective: having a large ego.

useful as an ashtray on a motorbike- misc/phrase:  A person or thing that is useless, and or incompetent.

ute- noun: (pronounced youte) utility truck; El Camino type of vehicle.



VB- noun: Victoria Bitter; a brand name of Australian beer.


vee dub- noun: A Volkswagen car. Short for V Double U (VW).

vegemite- noun: A savoury spread, made from an extract of brewers yeast, eaten on sandwiches and toast.

Vejjo- noun: vegetarian

verandah- noun: front porch or deck


VIC- noun: abbreviation for Victoria; Victoria is a state in Southeast Australia, south of New South Wales.  It is known as the "Garden State", just like New Jersey in the US. It's capital is Melbourne.




WA- noun: abbreviation for Western Australia (not to be confused with Washington State) Perth is it's capital.

waddie- noun: An aboriginal war club or a walking stick.

waffle- noun: nonsense


wag- verb: To skip school. US = truancy. (This is what I was known to do back in high school.)


walkabout- noun: Go for a long walk, Aboriginals used this period for spiritual enlightenment.


wallaby- noun: A wallaby is smaller kangaroo, with a colorful coat.


walloper- noun: one who thrashes someone; also, a policeman.

Waltzing Matilda- verb: To walk or wander aimlessly in the bush or country. See Matilda. Immortalized in the song "Waltzing Matilda", the unofficial Australian National Anthem.

wanker- noun/verb chronic jerk-o; verb- To wank; as to play tug-o-war with cyclops. It's on the dole, living on "handouts" again:).

waterhole- noun: a pub/bar


weatherboard- adjective: The type of house construction, whereby the outer covering is a series of overlapping wooden planks nailed to the outside of the frames.

Wellies- noun: Wellington boots; galoshes; overshoes

westie/westy- noun: Someone from Sydney's western suburbs, often used derogatorily to mean uneducated and or uncultured. 

wet- misc/phrase: The tropical rainy season, usually from December to March.

whack- verb: To place unceremoniously, to attempt, or to hit.


wharfie- noun: a dockside worker

what for- noun: Severe punishment, as in "to give what for".

whilst- conjunction: while

whinge, winge- verb: To whine or complain incessantly. 

whinger- noun: A person who whines or complains a lot.


white ants- noun: termites; small insects that eat wood and timber. Not really ants.


white or black?- noun: This refers to tea and coffee, as to whether is it required with or without milk.


whiteant- verb: To criticize something to deter somebody from buying it. A car dealer might whiteant another dealer's cars or a real estate salesman might whiteant another agent's property.


Who opened their lunch?- misc/phrase: Who broke wind?


Winfield- noun: brand name for cigarettes;


witchetty grub- noun: White tree boring grubs that is eaten raw or cooked by Aborigines.


wicket- noun: Referring to the playing field of life and business. You can be on a good wicket, privileged or advantaged, or on a bad wicket, disadvantaged.


willy nilly- adjective: without thought or organization


willy willy- noun: a small whirlwind or dust devil


windscreen- noun: windshield


wobbly- noun: excitable behavior ("I complained about the food and the waiter threw a wobbly")


wog- noun: flu or trivial illness;  Also, it's a slang word, perhaps not a politically correct term, referring to a person of Mediterranean origin, (Italian and Greek).


wombat- noun: Any of several stocky burrowing Australian marsupials of the family Vombatidae, somewhat resembling a small bear and feeding mainly on grass, leaves, and roots. Wombat is also a slang term describing a person who eats, roots and leaves. (see also root)


wonky- adjective: Unstable or in a bad condition that adversely affects performance...."Wayne's Nissan, (pronounced Niss-ahn there) was a wonky hunk of junk."


woobla-  noun: wine, usually in a flagon (see) or cask


woofer- noun: a dog


Woolie's- noun: "Woolworth's", only Woolworth's is a grocery store in Oz, not the old five and dime stores that were around in the US long before Wal-Mart and Target took over. 


woop woop- noun: A unidentifiable (mythical?) place inland a long, long way away and far from civilization. The movie, "Welcome to Woop Woop" is a great story about Australia.


wowser- noun: killjoy; teetotaller; prude; do-gooder. 


wrapped- adjective: extremely happy






XXXX- noun:  Four X, the brand name for a popular Queensland beer.





yabber- verb: to talk too much

yabbies- noun: small freshwater crayfish (lobster)

yahoo- noun: a bloke who is a bit awkward, rude, and stupid. 

yakka- noun: Yakka means hard manual labor. It's possibly an Aboriginal word. 

Yank- noun: an American


Yank tank- noun: an American car


yarn- noun/verb: A yarn is a story that is usually long, intriguing and entertaining, either fictional or not. It also means to have a talk or discussion with someone.


yewy- noun: u-turn in traffic; "Chuck a yewy at the next traffic lights."


yobbo- noun: larrikin (see); wanker; piss-tank; barfly 


yonks- noun: a long time, ages.


yonnie- noun: a small stone for throwing.


youse- noun: Plural of you. Pronounced the same as "ewes". Southern US = "all y'all".






zack- noun: A sixpence. Pre decimal currency used before Feb 1966, when Australia changed over to dollars. The term is still used today, but to indicate that someone is broke. "I haven't got a zack.


zebra crossing- noun: A pedestrian crossing where the road is painted with white stripes on the black bitumen.


zed- noun: The Australian and British pronunciation, of the letter Z. US = Zee.


zeds- noun: To do with sleep, as pushing up zeds.


zonked- noun: exhausted 


From 1998-1999, I lived in Queensland, Australia. Some of the slang they used, of course, was unheard of to me.  Before long, I started picking it up and once I got back to the US, it was like I was speaking another language. 



"An Aussie bloke is a combination of an Englishman and an American hillbilly thrown out somewhere in the South Pacific."- Tina Nichols 1998
"Oh sure, let's advertize the koalas and kangaroos to the tourists, but what about the cane toads, cockroaches, and mice?  I see more of those pests, than the marsupials here." - Tina Nichols 1999