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The Island of Kauai

     Years ago, back in the 1970's, I remember watching an episode of the Brady Bunch, (you know the one:)), where they went to Hawaii, thinking how nice it was to go there.  I was sure that one day I would make it there, myself.
It finally happened, this past October...


     But I didn't see Honolulu or Pearl Harbor or really anything on the island of Oahu, except for the airport (If you been to one big city, you've seen them all). No, I switched planes going to Lihue (pronounced Lee-Hoo-Way), Kauai. I was only there for a few days, but got pictures. The island of Kauai is beautiful. Unfortunately, I caught a head cold and couldn't go scuba diving, but I did get to go to a luau.....not bad. The beaches were great and I did some souvenir shopping in Hanalei.



This beach was walking distance from where I stayed.


The scenery on the way to Hanalei.


     This is the other side of the island. There were many caves and waterfalls to see from the boat. 


     This is where I stayed, "Kaha Lani" in Lihue, in a condo that survived Hurricane Iniki with damage on
September 11, 1992. It was renovated, thereafter.


     This picture turned out great, just like the sunrise picture. Almost good enough to be on a postcard.:)


     This is me all dressed up "Hawaiian style", (Thank goodness for Hilo Hattie.:)) for the luau.  This was "Smith's Luau" in Kauai.


     This was the main course at the luau. As Wayne would say, "This tucker is bloody beautiful!". Honestly, the food was great and the show was intense. I got the show on DVD for Ashley. She liked it too.  I'd like for her to go with me next time.


     Not a bad trip overall, and I can't wait to visit there again. Next time, I'd like to see Maui, Molokai (formerly, the leper island) and the big island of Hawaii. But I will go back to Kauai, for sure!!